Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bikes I've Known and Loved

*1976 Suzuki Trail 50JR
1986 Honda XL 500R
*1986 GPz 1100
1989 Nighthawk 450
Had the pleasure of riding a '77 Shovelhead Low Springer in the 1989 MDA "Love" Ride
*1989 Nighthawk 750
*1982 CB 650
1999 DR 350
2000 GZ 250
2000 Bandit 1200S (Done up by Dale Walker, just like his "Holeshot" bike, I have to say this was a dang fast bike. 150 HP @ 96 ft-lbs torque at rear wheel best dyno pull) I raced this bike at RMR in Utah a couple times and won. It was in the high tens, but would have been in the nines at sea level.

2005 Buell XB12R Firebolt
2007 FZ1
* Most of them have the correct year, but a few I couldn't remember for sure, maybe I'm just getting cenile.

My Current Stable, okay the Truck is obviously not a bike, but it's an essential for any motorcycle owner in my opinion.

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